WNYT-ME 13.2 - Saturday, June 23
8:00 PM
The Night Walker (Drama, Movie, TV-PG, NR, ***)
10:00 PM
Batman - The Wail of the Siren (Comedy, TV-PG, FV)
10:30 PM
Batman - The Unkindest Tut of All (Comedy, TV-PG, FV)
11:00 PM
Star Trek - The Tholian Web (Sci-Fi, TV-G)
WNYT-ME 13.2 - Sunday, June 24
12:00 AM
Battlestar Galactica - Experiment in Terra (Sci-Fi)
1:00 AM
Kolchak: The Night Stalker - The Werewolf (Drama, TV-PG)
2:00 AM
Lost in Space - Ghost in Space (Sci-Fi, TV-PG)
3:00 AM
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - The Human Computer (Sci-Fi, TV-G)
4:00 AM
Land of the Giants - The Chase (Sci-Fi, TV-PG)
5:00 AM
Swamp Thing - Changes (Sci-Fi)
5:30 AM
Swamp Thing - Destiny (Sci-Fi)
6:00 AM
ALF - Break Up To Make Up (Comedy, TV-G)
6:30 AM
ALF - Happy Together (Comedy, TV-G)
7:00 AM
Mystery Hunters - Taj Mahal Ghost; Minotaur (Children, TV-G)
7:30 AM
Mystery Hunters - Best of Mystery Hunters (Children, TV-G)
8:00 AM
Beakman's World - Camels, Beakmania & Density (Education, TV-G)
8:30 AM
Beakman's World - Protozoology, Beakmania & Movie Stunts (Education, TV-G)
9:00 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Inventions (Children, TV-G)
9:30 AM
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Genes (Children, TV-G)
10:00 AM
Saved by the Bell - House Party (Children, TV-G)
10:30 AM
Saved by the Bell - Jessie's Song (Children, TV-G)
11:00 AM
Saved by the Bell - The Fabulous Belding Boys (Children, TV-G)
11:30 AM
Saved by the Bell - The Glee Club (Children, TV-G)
12:00 PM
The Brady Bunch - The Fender Benders (Comedy, TV-G)
12:30 PM
The Brady Bunch - Hawaii Bound (Comedy, TV-G)
1:00 PM
The Brady Bunch - Pass the Tabu (Comedy, TV-G)
1:30 PM
The Brady Bunch - The Tiki Caves (Comedy, TV-G)
2:00 PM
The Facts of Life - Teacher's Pet (Comedy, TV-PG)
2:30 PM
Diff'rent Strokes - Bully for Arnold (Comedy, TV-PG)
3:00 PM
Gilligan's Island - Sound of Quacking (Comedy, TV-G)
3:30 PM
Gilligan's Island - Goodbye Island (Comedy, TV-G)
4:00 PM
Mama's Family - The Return of Leonard Oates (Comedy, TV-PG)
4:30 PM
Mama's Family - Country Club (Comedy, TV-PG)
5:00 PM
The Jeffersons - Lunch with Mama (Comedy, TV-G)
5:30 PM
The Jeffersons - George vs. Wall Street (Comedy, TV-G)
6:00 PM
The Love Boat - Family Reunion; Too Hot to Handle; Cinderella Story (Comedy, TV-G)
7:00 PM
The Odd Couple - I Do, I Don't (Comedy, TV-G)
7:30 PM
The Odd Couple - Oscar, the Model (Comedy, TV-G)
8:00 PM
Columbo Cries Wolf (Drama, Movie, TV-PG, NR, ***+)